A New Approach to Verifying and Sharing a Secret QR Code using Elliptic Curves


  • Hichem Bouchakour Errahmani EEDIS Laboratory, Djillali Liabes University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria
  • Hind Ikni Computer Science Department, Belhadj Bouchaib Center, University of Ain Temouchent, Algeria




elliptic curve cryptography, discrete logarithm problem, image secret sharing, verifiable secret sharing


One of the modern applications of cryptography is the sharing of secrets in occurrence keys. Indeed, the need to establish a shared secret key in a multi-user system clearly remains a major problem of trust between users. Therefore, one solution is to share this secret key between users seamlessly. New technologies embedded systems such as sensor networks provide an ideal platform for sharing secrets. In addition, elliptic curves offer an adequate solution for reducing the size of keys, which is suitable for embedded systems. In this article, we propose an approach for sharing a secret leaked in a QR code adapted for a multiuser system, where each user has the ability to verify its share by an access structure. The system allows a recovery without loss of data in this case the QR code used.