On Modelling and Simulation of Electric Circuit Problems


  • Hassan Adamu Alfaki Department of Mathematics, Nigeria Defense Academy Kaduna, Nigeria
  • Muhammad Kabir Dauda Department of Mathematical Sciences, Kaduna State University, Nigeria
  • Ahmed Mohammed Gimba Department of Information Technology, Nigerian Army University Biu, Borno State, Nigeria
  • Mohammed Abdullahi Ahmed Department of Electrical and Electronic, Moi Idriss Aloma Polytechnic Geidam, Yobe State, Nigeria




Differential Equation, First Order Linear Differential Equation, Circuit and Quantity of Current


Differential equations are of fundamental importance in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Engineering Mathematics. Many mathematical relations and physical laws appeared in the form of such equations. This paper reviewed an application of these equations in solving mathematical model on electric circuit problems using the First order linear differential equation. The analytical approached in solving the equations confirmed that solving electric circuits using first order linear ordinary differential equations gives accurate and reliable result. Therefore, the application is of importance and great need. However, complex problems need higher order differential equations, which are nonlinear and have entirely different approach in finding their solutions.