Implementation and Statistical Tests of a Block Cipher Algorithm MISTY1*

  • Sarah Moussaoui Laboratoire Centrale de R&D, ECRMT, Algiers, Algeria
  • Sabrina Zeghdoud Laboratoire de Recherche en Electonique et Ing´enieurie des Syst`emes Electroniques AMC Algiers, Algeria
  • Boufeldja Allailou Institue de Recherche et Developpement ESCH Algiers, Algeria
Keywords: NIST statistical test, FPGA, Hardware Implementation, KASUMI, MISTY1, Block cipher, Cryptography


With the development of communication network and new information technologies, the volume of data exchanged is growing, particularly with the of IoTs. There security has become a major concern, especially in sensitive activities. Such security requirements call for efficient cryptographic encryption algorithms, with a small hardware footprint. The current trend is towards light cryptographic algorithms (lightweight). These are designed for power systems with limited storage capacity. This paper proposes the study, hardware implementation and statistical test of block cipher algorithm MISTY1. Its optimized version for a hardware implementation is known as KASUMI, used in the context of 3GPP compliant mobile networks, including 2G (GSM) and 3G (UMTS).